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Garage Cabinets

Space before garage cabinets.

Almond-colored garage cabinets adding doors.

Almond-colored garage cabinets with doors open.

Almond-colored garage cabinets

Garage Cabinet designed at an 45 degree angle to accommodate the door.

Almond-colored garage cabinets

Almond-colored garage cabinets

White Garage cabinets

Additional storage above the garage cabinets

Additional storage above the garage cabinets

Additional storage above the garage cabinets

Additional storage above the garage cabinets

White Garage Cabinets for refrigerator

White Garage Cabinets

White Garage Cabinets

White Garage Cabinets

Installing White Garage Cabinets

Back at the shop building custom white Garage Cabinets

White Garage Cabinets

White Garage Cabinets with pull handles

Custom White Cabinets

White Garage Cabinets

White Garage Cabinets

White Garage Cabinets

Before Garage Cabinets

basic garage cabinets

garage cabinets side view

heavy duty cabinets

garage cabinets

sliding doors
garage cabinet sliding doors

water heater
pesty water heater out of sight

water heator
water heater doors open

furance doors
hide furance behind cabinet doors

furance hidden from view
furance side door

behind closed doors
closed doors around heater

garage sliding doors
sliding cabinet doors

work bench

pantry for canned food & paper goods

sliding door garage cabinets

8' high sliding door garage cabinets

12 ' ladder storage

storage above the washer and dryer

work bench

after picture of washer and dryer & light

sliding cabinets doors

Storage is possible every were you look

hide the water and furance

blank wall before cabinets

before cabinets are installed

side door to furance

before cabinets are installed

ladder storage in garage

before cabinets

sliding door for cabinet under garage door tract

Garage pantry and adjustable shelves

sliding gargae cabinet doors under gagage tract

Storage built into the house

work bench and sliding door cabinets

white garage cabinets

inside close up of lower cabinet

close up how cabinets can be arranged

one type of handle with white cabinet

close up of type of hindge

Side view of cabinets

close up of door hindge

raised panel garage door cabinet

floor to ceiling
side wall

floor to ceiling
20" deep

great use of
any space

White garage cabinets with shelf
Garage Cabinets
Water heater Garage Cabinet
White Garage Cabinet
Garage Cabinets with counter top
Bench with cabinets
Skinny Garage cabinet for a ladder
White Garage Cabinets
Before garage cabinet install
White garage cabinet install.
Additional storage above the garage cabinets
Additional storage above the garage cabinets
Additional storage above the garage cabinets
Additional storage above the garage cabinets.
use this as a test
29 inch deep storage cabinets with heavy duty shelves
29 inch deep cabinets I have found are best built in two sections smaller cabinet above the base cabinet. This allows for larger and heaver storage needs
What do you do with the pesty ladder look here ladder is stored in its own cabinet. a smaller ladder can fit in here too. all cabinets are custom made for your garage storage needs at no additional cost. I make the cabinets in my shop and install in your garage ready to use/store that day.
I can make garage cabinets with sliding doors for access when the car or truck is in garage. not only do they slide I install a 3 track door guide so you can move all the doors to one end of the cabinet to access a larger space when you slide the doors open
My goal when doing garage cabinets is to hide everything, so when you open the garage and drive in all you see is cabinets. nice clean no clutter no mess. I call this garage sanity.
this is easy to do with a little planing I have a program that shows you your garage in 3D I can also take you through the 3D plan and view the cabinet arrangement before I start building the cabinets.
Look how I hide the pesty furance doors and door frame can be removed with a few screws to service the unit or remove later years from now with a newer unit look at next picture to see more
see how easy it is to get your garage in check and all the clutter goes behind doors. see next picture for a close up
Just another way I enclose eaven the heator don't stop now keep looking
sliding cabinet doors are nice you can get the cabinet without moving the car or truck. You can load and ulad the cabinet with the simply silding of one of three doors. See other pictures
lower cabinets are 23 " deep and 36" high all mounted to garage wall and additional support by high impact plastic adjustable legs Upper and lower cabinets have adjustable shelves as many as you need All cabinets are designed on a 3D plan you get to view as if you are in the garage with finished cabinets.
Owner wanted an area to place shoes. I sujected manking a combined use for different items and put doors on it too. The furance is in this same picture hidden behined the cabinet doors to the left. see more pictures.
I place 3 doors on my sliding door cabinets so you don't have to fight with the doors to get many shelves as possible
you are looking at 3 sliding doors to a 22" deep 8" tall storage cabinets that you can get into wigh the garage filled with cars
My goal is to hide even the most difficult to store items. Also behind thes door is a small refrigerator. There is just no limit to what I can place in a garage cabinets
This was a wasted space above the washer and dryer. I built a platform tied it into the house frame and made a frame to hindge 3 doors on to and hid the mess
now the owner knows were all the tools are because he can orginize them in the cabinet doors and deep drawers. I can do the minor repairs around the house Not spending half of the day looking for the hand and power tools
All the laundry supplies are neatly orginized on adjustable shelves. everything at your finger tips. Even the sprinkler time is in this cabinet. Storage above and on side.
This is the after picture of the same blank garage wall and now there is a 22" deep cabinet with adjustable shelves and sliding doors for easy access with the cars in the garage
laundry cabinets 12' ladder is behind the tall door and heave storage is built into a wasted space above the garage washer and dryer
The water heater and furance are now out of sight. You ask how do I replace the water heater? Answere The cabinet frame is all easy to remove with just a few screws.
The garage wall as it was before 8" tall sliding door cabents were installed. I make all the cabinets at my shop and install in your garage. you store your items the same day
left side of garage before cabinets are installed This garage I added drywall before cabinets were added
I enclose even the most difficlute to hide items. This frame and doors are removeable to repair or replace what it behind
cabinets around the washer and driver. just about everywere you look a garage storage cabinet can be made and installed.
Ladder storage in the garage and other tall narrow items
looks like any ordinary garage wall . first step install electrical outlets. Second step install drywall. Third stepdrywall and texture wall. Forth step install cabinets
There is no limit to the areas that can be used for storage in the garage when a cabanet can be built
Pantry with doors just out of the garage door to house, this convenient location works for the dry goods that was storded in the house. Now in the garage.
a look at garage cabinets that fit under garage door tract. It is eave possible to place another cabinet above the dppt tract
Built into the house frame put still looks bad untill a frame is built around it and doors placed to swing close
work bench 24" deep and about 12' long Cabinets above and below
a set of cabinets before installed. The could be in any cabinet color of your choice. Can also be clear coated. look at the hardware and handels
This pictures how different heights of cabinets can be arranged. All built to you needs
Door hindge and cabinet adjustable shelf holes
These are the most costly garage cabinets I make and look the best but store no more items
side storage and still have room for inside parking also avalable in sliding cabinet doors for ease of access with parked auto.
floor to ceiling 20" deep with counter top
surrounded upright freezer with 30" deep floor to ceiling raised panel cabinets

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