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Mantels, Trolley Doors, TV Stands and Benches

Mantels, Trolley Doors, TV Stands and Benches
Mantel Mantel Mantel
Oak Mantel glass trolly door
owner wanted more than just another mantel. They wanted ideas. I looked around thier home and got the inspiration from another item of furniture. Please look at other pictures
another view of this one of a kind mantel. I could do the same for you. Please look at all the pictures
close up of the carving nothing special on the carving but it matched thier other funiture in style and color. The mantel looked like all of the furniture in this room. Owners wanted everything to matched in color wood and style
End view of the cylinder and details on each side
top view curves in and out, not like other mantels
glass used was rainglass with maple stained door. The trolly door glides in hard rubber wheels. one of a kind construction from a picture from a I-phone
The large square mounting plates are turned to point to the ceiling. This was done to get the largest amount of surface on the wall in the up and down position. Behind each of these plates is stud in the wall. These are large so I could place large lag bolts deep in to the house studes to support the door weight
metal hardware for trolly door cut and welded to make the movement of the door glide freely back and forth. rubber wheels that can hold the weight of the door and glass. The weight of this 42" wide and 96" high door was just over 100 lbs.
maple wood stained dark to match the owners existing furniture. They wanted a door that looked like it came with the bedroom furniture A close up look what rain glass looks like
This door was made to allow privicy and elegance to the passage way from master bedroom to master bath. The ceilings in this house are 9'. making this a very large 8' high door
This sliding handle keeps the door either open or closed
Rain glass door allows just the wright amount of light and privicy. I have used rain glass in many cabinet doors but never this large of door
This small atachment to the door is all you see as the locking device only to be used in a residential use
another angle of trolly door on how it looks from a distance. Big walls big door. You would think this would over power the room but does not. I built it and stained it to look like it came with the owners furniture
The rubber wheel's used are for sliding gates outside of the home. But the weight of the door and glass called for the best wheel possible. Also the track is 3/16 steel and a stop was added to limit the door travel to the opening in the home
I want to call out the size and thickness of the door hardware were made to last a lifetime and never fail to operate
previous mantel
new mantel
side of mantel
Mantel legs

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